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Sun 04 October 2015

Blinking an external LED

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Once ArmPit Scheme was in place and running, and manipulating the onboard LEDs, it was time to grab some components, wires, and a breadboard and get hacking.

The wiring

My first project was simple: blink an external LED. Unlike Arduino boards, the Disco board has male pin headers, not female …


Fri 02 October 2015

ArmPit Scheme

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In my new position as Director of Innovation at SteelSeries I've been doing plenty of hardware hacking and prototyping. I've done some work with Arduino, and more recently Teensy3.1. Now I'm playing around with The STM32F4 Discovery board from ST Micro.

The STM32F4Disco is centered around an STM32F407VGT6 MCU …


Sat 27 December 2014

Sun Type 3 Keyboard

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Once upon a time, far far away I was in working on my undergrad in a department that had a mix of equipment. They had a lab full of IBM PC clones running MS-DOS. These were mainly for the first couple years for Turbo Pascal work. What was really exciting …


Wed 15 October 2014

Frames in GoLisp

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This was originally posted on the SteelSeries Technology Blog and the work was supported by SteelSeries. Since this was based on work I had originally done for RubyLisp, I'm including it here as well.

I recently needed a more flexible and performant way of manipulating structured data, specifically data coming …


Tue 29 April 2014

Science, Engineering, and Programming

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What is it that we do? Are we programmers, software engineers, or computer scientists? All of the above, some combination, or none?

My thesis is that it depends. All three are real things. All three are very different. Let's look at each, in turn.

Computer Science

This one seems easy …