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Sun 04 October 2015

Making a light switch

Posted by dastels in tutorial   

In the last posts I showed how to control LEDs with the STM32F4-Disco board using ArmPit Scheme. In this port, I read some input.

The circuit

Specifically, I hooked a switch to a GPIO pin and read its state. Then I used that to control a LED hooked to another GPIO pin. To keep is simple, I used the same LED as in the last post, adding a switch.

The code

For the input line, I wanted an internal pullup resister, so I needed a few more constants. Here's all the options for the config-pin function

(define pin-mode-in 0)
(define pin-mode-out 1)
(define otype-pushpull 0)
(define otype-opendrain 1)
(define ospd-low 0)
(define ospd-medium 1)
(define ospd-fast 2)
(define ospd-highspeed 3)
(define pupd-none 0)
(define pupd-pullup 1)
(define pupd-pulldown 2)

I didn't need any utility functions as the logic is simple. So here's the main function:

(define (light-switch)
  (let ((port giod)
        (led-pin 10)
        (switch-pin 9))
    (config-pin port led-pin pin-mode-out)
    (config-pin port switch-pin pin-mode-in 0 0 pupd-pullup)
    (let loop ()
      ((if (pin-set? port switch-pin) pin-clear pin-set) port led-pin)

The main loop continuously reads the switch and turns the LED on or off based on whether the switch is pressed (indicated by a low signal and thus a false value).

Light Switch from Dave Astels on Vimeo.