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Sat 16 November 2019

Scriptus 2019

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Well, only 7 months has gone by since my last post .

The pen and ink obsession continues unabated.

I recently went to Scriptus (aka The Toronto Pen Show) and picked up several firsts for my collection:

  • first 3D printed pen
  • first ebonite pen
  • first hand-turned pen
  • first celluloid pen
  • first vintage pen.

Thankfully there is some overlap and this was only 3 pens:

  • a "Ribbon" from Additive Pens
  • a hand-turned ebonite from The London Pen Company,
  • a 1946 Parker Vacumatic in stacked siler pearl celluloid from Peel Pen Shop.

Oddly, I went to Toronto and bought 3 pens from people from London. Who knew London Ontario was such a hotbed of fountain pen activity.

Other than pens, I picked up a couple bottles of Robert Oster ink (another first: first RO inks): the much talked about Fire and Ice, and Black Violet which I've been looking for since trying a sample a short while ago in my quest for a dark purple ink. Diamine Eclipse was my choice for that but the colour of Black Violet caught my interest as well.

The special edition show ink was from Diamine: Rushbrooke Blue which is similar to their Skull & Roses, but a bit less agressive. I got the permitted 2 bottles since deep, dark blue with a red sheen is probably my favourite ink.