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Sun 23 January 2022

Changes in Focus

Posted by Dave Astels in General   

My journey exploring my artistic side has had some twists and turns. I've explored new mediums and techniques:

  • fantasy mapmaking
  • colouring with Copic markers - primarily manga
  • pen and ink sketching
  • loose wet watercolour painting,
  • tighter drier watercolour of architecture - specifically traditional Japanese buildings and storefronts
  • poster colour paints - landscapes and anime background (e.g. Studio Ghibli) style paintings

That's a lot and my interest was drawn more an more to the poster colour painting. After months of research I finally happened upon an English speaking teacher of the technique. Other than him, everything I found was in Japanese. So I was set. But something had to go. I needed to refocus. After thinking about it, I realized that what I enjoyed the least was the ink sketching and loose watercolour. So out they go, or at least are minimized going forward.

The mapmaking will be a long term interest/activity. My current ongoing project is to make detailed maps of World of Warcraft.

I do love using my Copics, and am steadily gaining skill with them.

Watercolour painting of the Japanese buildings is great fun, both with western (Daniel Smith mainly) and Japanese (Kuretake Gansai Take) watercolours.

And finally the poster colour work. I will be taking the next several months studying and practicing in this medium and style. My longer term goal is to focus primarily on this for the remainder of the year. The goal is that in a year, I am good enough that I can consistently sell prints of my work and possibly (and very selectively) take commissions. Maybe it's an audacious goal, but why not.

Go big or go home... and I work at home so I'm here almost all the time.