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Mon 04 April 2022

Storefronts 862 Bunkao Records - Nakano, Tokyo

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Storefronts 862 Bunkao Records - Nakano, Tokyo

This one is a bit different. I did it as part of an Etchr workshop by Leslie Parsons' (aka @montrealsketcher). It's a bunch of firsts:

  • Start to finish in 90 minutes, where usually these have been done over a couple days.
  • I did this completely freehand - no measuring, no straightedge. I usually transfer the architectural proportions and perspective from the reference by measuring and using a straightedge to draw the lines, then ink freehand.
  • I used a brushpen for the first time (other than practicing strokes) instead of the usual fineliner.
  • I played fast & loose with the colours, intead of trying to match the reference.

Given all that, I'm pretty happy with it.